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Payroll and Employment Services

Under this service, we could be employer on record or our client remains employer on record.

We generally start by collecting the employee personal information and the total compensation and then take it a step further by proposing a well structure compensation package for efficient tax and social security delivery while in compliance with prevailing laws. Hence lowering your overall staff cost. Our scope includes the following:

  • Issue local employment contracts
  • The net salary payment and distribution of payslips
  • Payroll management ( Wire transfer and payslips distribution)
  • Tax and social security computation and filing
  • Processing of Work permit and resident card as and when the need arises
  • Maintain basic employees data and handle payroll related queries
  • Employee leave management
  • Registration of the Employees with the relevant social security fund
  • Compensation structuring for efficient tax delivery
  • Management of employees medical insurance claims
  • Management of labour relations
  • Management of employee termination

We are currently running a payroll of over 250 employees and contractors across various industry sectors all over Cameroon. Our wire transfer is done on the 26 th of every month, should the 26 th fall on a non-working day we issue the payments earlier. We bank with BICEC Cameroon and operate various other accounts on behalf of our clients. It takes approximately two days for all transfer to go through. All our payments must go through the employee’s bank accounts. So far we have recorded a zero staff turnover rate and our clients and employees are very satisfied.

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