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Recruitment and headhunting Services

Our approach will be first of all to understand your organizational cultures and values as well as your expectations so as to align to same and provide a tailored service. Intel HR consultants are highly experienced in recruitment, good listeners and pay attention to details coupled with an understanding of the various industry needs. We aim to source the right candidates who will add value to your business on a long-term basis.

We have a detailed step-by-step approach to our services delivery that involves you in every stage as outlined below:

  • Seek to understand your recruitment needs/organogram
  • Work with you to come up with a detailed job description and person specification
  • Advertise the vacancy
  • Cvs collection and review
  • Interview with suitable candidates as per role profile(Oral, aptitude & technical test)
  • Candidate shortlist
  • Presentation of shortlisted candidates for your final selection.
  • background check
  • We conduct a free recruitment if the candidate leaves within a period of 03 Months

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