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We assist our clients in attracting the right candidates, retaining the best, building organizational Culture, values and work environment that supports and creates a workplace that is engaging and productive.

How we do it

Our Services

Payroll & employment Services

Under this service, we could be employer on record or our client remains employer on record. We generally start by collecting the employee personal information and the total compensation and then take it a step further by proposing a well structure compensation package… Read More

Recruitment and headhunting Services

Our approach will be first of all to understand your organizational cultures and values as well as your expectations so as to align to same and provide a tailored service. Intel HR consultants are highly experienced in recruitment…Read More

ADHOC Services

We have a range of other services to satisfy our clients’ needs including but not limited to; Assistance during Tax, social security and labour Audits Welcome desk Representation services Work and resident permit processing… Read More

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