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Expanding into Africa

There is fantastic growth potential for companies expanding into Africa and we are here to accompany you on this mission: We make sure that working internationally is safe, enjoyable, and profitable for you and your employees. We can assist with your expansion into Africa within 05 Business days We take away all the constraints Note that, the initial planning and decision before expansion can determine your success in years to come in terms of Recruitment, employment contracts, employee termination as well as Tax & Social security planning. The case of Cameroon <<All employees must complete a pre-employment medical examination before starting work.The Maximum probation period is 8 months. Employment contracts can be for a specified or unspecified duration but you must be smart on how you use these.Employees are well protected by local laws – Termination of employment must be sanctioned by the labour inspector and endorsed by the court. >> Intel HR Consulting is a global Employment and staffing firm with the capability of assisting clients in more than 150 Countries using local offices and strategic alliances across the globe. NOW LET US KNOW THE BEST WAY YOU WILL LIKE US TO CONTINUE THIS CONVERSATION

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